Friday, November 28, 2008

Tarot cards prediction- Who will become the next Vice President of the USA?

Biden's Tarot Card: Princess of Wands (Earth of Fire)

Palin's Tarot Card: Knight of Disks (Fire of Earth)


The above cards indicate that Palin is a puppet who was used by the Republican Party as primarily a "shock" tactic. She has NOTHING to do with the energy of the Knight of Disks. She's pawn for someone else to play. Biden on the other hand, will be on the winning side

Dream Interpretations-Dreams - Select A Letter

Dream Interpretation
1. Abandonment To dream that you are abandoned suggests that you need to let go of your old attitudes as they may be hindering your personal growth. A more direct interpretation could imply that you have a fear of being left behind or deserted. To dream that you abandon others suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed by decisions and problems in your life.
Abdomen To dream of your abdomen symbolizes your natural instincts and repressed feelings. It may mean that there is something in your life that you cannot stomach or having difficulty accepting and you want it out of your system. This dream may also have a direct interpretation where you may be experiencing constipation or indigestion. To dream that your abdomen is exposed signifies vulnerability and trust.
3. Abduction To dream that you have been abducted suggests that you are feeling that you are being controlled by someone or a circumstance. To dream about seeing someone else being abducted, foretells of unexpected news.

Tarot cards predicted Israeli tourist's fate in New Zealand

Wellington - An ominous Tarot reading predicted the fate of Isaeli tourist Liat Okin, 35, whose body was found seven weeks after she disappeared while hiking in New Zealand's rugged South Island, according to news reports on Sunday.
Okin's body was discovered on Friday, a 6.5-hour walk from a hut on the 35-kilometre Routeburn Track, in Fiordland, where she was last seen on March 26.

The alarm was raised after she failed to return from a scheduled three-day hike on the track near the lakeside resort Queenstown.

A New Zealand friend, Stephanye Bluwal, 25, told the Herald on Sunday that the night before leaving Okin read Tarot cards and asked what would happen on her hike.

"The last card that came up said that she was going to get hurt," Bluwal said. "She got worried, started going though her stuff and repacking."

Israel's most experienced search and rescue professional, Hilik Magnus, who flew to New Zealand to help look for Okin, said her pack was found lying open on a boulder in a creek, giving the appearance that she had been making camp there for the night.

Tarot cards predicted Israeli tourist's fate in New Zealand

Tarot card reader Ma Prem Usha dead

New Delhi, July 17 (IANS) Tarot card reader Ma Prem Usha, an Osho devotee for over three decades, died Thursday in the capital, a family member said. She was 70. Her husband Raj Kapoor and daughter Ma Prem Ritambhara survive her.

“She died at 2 p.m. this (Thursday) afternoon. She had been ailing for sometime and was operated upon recently. But there was a relapse, from which she did not recover,” Raj Kapoor, a retired army colonel, told IANS.