Monday, May 7, 2007

Few Known Tarot Spreads

Celtic Cross Spread
A classic spread of 10-cards. Very good for getting details on all aspects of a problem.Dark of the Moon Spread
A spread of 7 cards that will help you look within yourself and examine where your life is at.
Decisions Spread
Just 4 cards, but this spread can help you make decisions especially when you are stuck at a crossroads.
Elemental Spread
Take a look at the 4 aspects of your life, and where you may want to look deeper.
Horseshoe Spread
A 7-card spread that is geared to help you understand the basis and circumstances surrounding a particular issue.
Living Tree Tarot Spread
See how a project or event is going to grow and develop.
Past, Present, Future
A simple 3-card spread that shows how the past effects a situation, and where that situation is heading.
Triple Spiral Spread
A great 5-card spread that will help you determine what is effecting a particular situation, and how it will turn out.
Zodiac Spread
A large, 12-card spread that is based on the 12 houses of the zodiac. Good for a snapshot of your life.